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Until you own a home with a swimming pool or spa, you may not appreciate how complex they can be. Many things can go wrong before you realizing it, leaving you stuck with costly repair bills. However, some pool or spa problems are avoidable. At HydroScout, we are your trusted pool and spa leak detection experts in Bradenton, FL.

With routine maintenance, a pool can continue to be the centerpiece of your yard – and all your family’s summer celebrations – for years to come. As a Bradenton pool or spa owner, you need to keep a watchful eye on red flags that might indicate a significant issue such as a pool or spa leak.

Why a Pool or Spa Leak Might Be a Larger Issue Than You Realize

Responsible pool and spa owners know they should attend to any signs of damage or flaws as soon as they arise. The issue you face is that pool and spa leaks can be difficult to detect. Unlike with your computer or car, there is no warning message that pops up when something is wrong with your pool or spa. There is also no convenient reset button to restore everything to normal.

Even a seemingly minor pool or spa leak can cause significant damage on your Bradenton property if you don’t get it found and fixed immediately. Just as a tiny trickle of water can evolve into a mighty river as it wears away the earth around it, a swimming pool or spa water leak will do gradual, incremental damage over time. If you notice you’re having to add water to your pool or spa more often than you used to, and that your water bills are correspondingly higher as a result, it’s better to be safe than sorry and get it checked out immediately.

The Consequences of Ignoring a Pool or Spa Leak in Bradenton, FL

As water seeps out of your pool, it can start to damage pool components such as your pump and skimmer systems, in addition to compromising the pH balance of the water and putting undue wear and tear on the water lines leading to and from the pool.

While you shouldn’t overlook these issues, structural damage in and around the pool itself is the most problematic thing you’ll need to worry about if you have a water leak. Water traveling underground can compromise the strength of the concrete and cause it to erode until there isn’t enough left to support the weight of the pool or spa.

A structural failure is the worst-case scenario for any pool owner, no matter the size or materials of your pool. Subtle, gradual leaks are the most probable cause of this issue, and can force you into an expensive pool rehabilitation or renovation sooner than you expected.

Non-Invasive Pool and Spa Leak Detection in Florida

Enjoy your Bradenton, FL pool longer with reliable pool and spa leak detection from HydroScout. Finding water leaks without digging is the core purpose of our business, and we have been providing our expertise for decades. The pinpoint accuracy of our equipment allows us to identify pool and spa leaks quickly, so you can schedule an immediate repair and save yourself thousands.

We work with homeowners, insurance adjusters and plumbers throughout the Sunshine State, and are proud of our reputation as Florida’s most dependable provider of leak detection services. Contact us today if you have any reason to suspect a pool or spa leak.

Like all of our leak detection services, we charge a single, affordable flat rate for pool leak detection.

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