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Sewer Video Inspections

Sewer Video Inspections

When you suspect a leak in your Florida pipes, it’s time to call HydroScout for professional video inspection services. A broken or cracked pipe can cause significant damage to your yard or property if not handled right away. The HydroScout team offers the most reliable video inspection services throughout the state of Florida for insurance companies, contractors, and homeowners.

Whether your drain line is 1 ½” or 12” in diameter, our technicians have the experience and use only the most advanced equipment to thoroughly inspect your Florida pipe system. While a video inspection for your pipes is the first step our technicians take when arriving at your property, a leaking pipe isn’t the only reason to schedule a video inspection for your Florida home or business.

Video Inspection As Preventative Maintenance

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates roughly 10 percent of homes in the U.S. have an undetected leak that wastes 90 gallons of water a day. Not only does that cause your monthly water bill to skyrocket, but it could also cause extensive damage to your properties foundation, walls, or landscape.

A yearly video inspection of your pipe system, including your sewer and drain, will reveal any issues you haven’t yet discovered. From small leaks to invasive tree roots, the annual video inspection service from the highly skilled team at HydroScout will detect small challenges before they evolve into large-scale emergencies.

A yearly video inspection from Hydro Scout will reveal problems within your Florida home or business including, but not limited to: * Advanced stages of corrosion * Location of pipe leaks or break * Cause of blockages within pipes * Bellied pipes * Invasive tree roots

Don’t wait until you’re faced with leaking emergency to call our professional leak detection team. Our technicians are professionally trained to find the source of the problem and offer viable solutions based on the problem. We routinely partner with local contractors to serve as the eyes within the sewer line and allow them to complete the sewer repair or replacement services if needed.

Process Of Video Inspection

Video inspection services are performed with minimal invasion to your sewer and drain pipes. The technician will access your affected pipe through an existing entry in the system. By carefully guiding the high-definition camera through your pipes, the technicians can see any buildup, pipe or sewer damage, or cracks that are causing your pipes to leak.

Once complete, the technician will offer a DVD of the video inspection, along with a detailed, hand-written report of what was discovered during the inspection. The HydroScout team provides a thorough diagnosis of what’s causing drainage issues and the condition of the leaking pipe.

sewer video inspection

Hydro Scout for Sewer Video Inspection Services

You don’t have to suspect a leak in your Florida pipes or a clogged sewer line to have a video inspection performed. The process allows you to know the current condition and any problems with your pipe system. Insurance companies and contractors in the state of Florida often turn to Hydro Scout to perform the video inspection following an insurance claim or ahead of any other services that need to be made. If you’re ready to work proactively to protect your sewer and pipes, call our dedicated team of leak detection and sewer camera inspection experts today.

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