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Pool and Spa Leak Detection

Pool And Spa Leak Detection

Swimming pools are a popular staple in many Florida homes. With temperatures reaching into the nineties throughout the summer months, having a pool to relax in is a great luxury. While many homeowners take measures to care for the pool water and ensure all the chemical levels are correct, one problem that’s often not anticipated is a pool leak. A Florida pool leak can happen for a number of reasons, but addressing the issue right away is crucial. The HydroScout team is an industry leader in locating pool leaks in Florida swimming pools.

Whether your private pool is losing water or you operate a business that offers a swimming pool as an amenity, our technicians can professionally and efficiently locate the pool leak and allow you to work with a pool repair company to make the fix. Our highly specialized pool, spa, and fountain leak locating service are performed by certified technicians who inspect the entire pool, including the lighting, shell, and plumbing. Through thorough leak detection services, we will identify which area is causing the problem. If a leak is discovered in the shell or liner, the affected area can typically be patched underwater.

Pool Leak Detection Services with HydroScout

As with all of our leak detection services in Florida, pool leak detection from HydroScout is performed at a clear, flat rate. There are no hidden fees or specialty costs when we arrive at your property. Our technicians offer reliable and honest service. You can expect us to arrive on time, work efficiently and answer any questions you may have.

A few indicators may give warning that your swimming pool has a leak, so it’s good to be aware of the common signs. If you notice an unexpected increase in your water bill or recognize that you’re losing more than two inches of water on average per week, it’s time to call Florida’s most reliable leak detection services provider. HydroScout is equipped with advanced, modern equipment that provides an accurate reading of your pool. Without the right training, experience, and equipment, it’s nearly impossible to locate a pool leak.

Prep Pool for Leak Test

If you suspect your swimming pool, spa or fountain has suffered a leak, call the HydroScout team and then prepare your property for the leak detection tests. Swimming pool leak detection works best when the pool is recently vacuumed and cleaned. In addition, the pool should be in operable condition. If the pool water is green because of fungi or algae growth, the leak detection will not be as effective. Lastly, ensure that your pool water is at its normal level. Locating a leak in a pool that isn’t currently leaking is quite difficult.

Tech Searches For Pool Leak Using Sound.
Hydroscout specializes in Pool and Spa Leak Location
Underground Pool Leak Located.
Pool pumps may be source of a water leak.
Pool Pumps May Be Source Of A Water Leak.
Underground pool leak located.
Pool And Spa Leak Location
Hydroscout Tech searches for pool leak using sound.

Your Leading Leak Detection Experts in the State of Florida

Our team of trusted, qualified technicians can detect your swimming pool leak even if you’re losing just ounces of water a day. The accuracy of our tests allows for quick identification of the leak, providing you the opportunity to schedule a repair immediately. If you suspect your swimming pool or spa is losing more water than normal, call the team at HydroScout today.

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