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Fire Line | Pipe Line Leak Detection

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Digging for your pipeline or fire line leak can be an expensive undertaking. In some cases these leaks can be as small as a drip and cause significant pressure loss.

We have seen many pipe lines dug up, only to have HydroScout come back and find a hidden leak on the bottom of the pipe. What would take you weeks to dig, we can inspect in a matter of hours.

HydroScout is a leader in fire line and pipeline leak detection. We set the standard for underground leak detection. Using our techniques, leaks as small as a drip and at any depth can be pinpointed.

HydroScout can detect minute leaks on check valves and isolation valves that create pressure loss, failing your pressure test.

Hydroscout tech locates a fire line water leak
Hydroscout specializes in fire line leak location

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If you suspect you have a leak it's best to contact us immediately by calling (877)588-5325.

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